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A Hunter’s Safari Bucket List


Are you a seasoned hunter looking to fill your bucket list? Or are you novice, looking to get the most out of your once-in-a-lifetime adventure? Keep reading to see if you’re game for the ultimate South African safari hunt.


Nothing beats the challenge and thrill of hunting majestic Cape Buffalo. They’re big, aggressive and unpredictable. The original “Great White Hunters”, adventurers and authors, Robert Ruark and Ernest Hemingway both included Cape Buffalo Hunt on their bucket lists.

In the Kalahari, the area around Avula Green Kalahari, some hunters still pursue top trophies, like the 55″ Cape Kudu, 5″ Klipspringer, 8″ Mountain Reedbuck, 200-pound Leopard, 6″ Steenbuck, the Oryx Gemsbok and the 60″ Southern Greater Kudu.

Hunters Safari bucket list


Eland, Bongo and Bushbuck are intriguing and tricky game species. The Lord Derby Eland remains one of the most sought-after trophies in Africa. Bushbuck make coveted trophies and hunting these shy animals is always a challenge. The Menelik’s Bushbuck and Mountain Nyala are thrilling experiences too.

Don’t forget the Tiny 10, (List Tiny 10). These are species most hunters only discover later in their career. The Tiny 10 are an intriguing bunch, challenging to hunt, and a great addition to any collector’s trophies. And no list would be complete without the Lesser Kudu, it’s the cherry on top, to any hunter’s bucket list.


Write it down, we often forget to appreciate the journey that we’re on. Enjoy every moment, reconnect with your instincts as you embrace the wildlife. Breathe the crisp, rarefied air, and you’ll struggle to recall a time you felt so alive.

Yes, the hunt is at the top of your Bucket List, but it's not the only part of your journey to fill out the rest of your list. Why not take in the sights and sounds South Africa has to offer? Your trip will be that much more memorable and stay with you forever. Here are just a few other activities to do before or after your hunt:


  • Tour the Cape Winelands

Include stops at famous wine producing towns like Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Tulbagh, Wellington, and Paarl. All boast long histories in viticulture and the beauty of the Cape Fold Mountains.


Hunting Wild In Africa
  • Bungee Jump at Bloukrans

For an adrenalin rush of a different kind, Why not try the world’s highest bridge bungee jump. At 216 meters above the Bloukrans river, situated in the magnificent Garden Route, it is one of those extreme adventures you’ll always wish you had done.


  • The Origins of Man

With the landmark findings, like the most recent Homo Naledi, the origins of humankind are still being uncovered in South Africa to this day. With 97% of the continent yet to be explored by archaeologists, who knows what our ancient past could reveal. Visit history redefining sites and museums, and marvel at where it all began.


  • Go on an African Safari

If going on safari in South Africa isn’t in your top five on your Bucket List, it should be. Take in a 360-degree panoramic view of the wildest landscapes under the African sky from the back of an open-top safari vehicle.

South Africa
  • Taste Adventure

South Africa’s food culture has influences from Africa, Asia and Europe but has managed to make it unique. Read our list of, Unique South African Foods To Try On Luxury South African Hunting Safari.


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